Happy children mean happy parents. See what our parents have to say about us.

“At Doodle Do we found what we needed, a warm and cosy environment for our daughter to develop nicely in. And so she has!

For us it was extremely reassuring to see that she was held in somebody’s arms at first when she was upset about leaving home. We felt that we weren’t going to work and leaving her behind with strangers, but with someone that cares about her.”

Veronica Mustata

“We love Doodle Do Nursery. Our son looks forward to going in every morning!!  The staff are like family, there is a wonderful atmosphere. The equipment is of high quality and they always have lots of fun with plenty of indoors and outdoors activities.

The food must be really yummy too as Elliot eats more there than at home!!”


“My little boy loves coming to Doodle Do, he talks about it all the time at home and I can see why.   There is always something to learn and play with. He’s encouraged to use his imagination and helped to perfect all the little day to day things. And the knowledge he comes home with, I giggle thinking about it!  He will tell me something really clever or really witty and I think where did you learn that from? “At Nursery” he says, so proud of himself. The team are so friendly and if I have any problems then it is seen to right away. They’re so very welcoming and helpful it’s like home from home.”

Saffron Richards

“My daughter has only been attending Doodle Do for a short while, however she has settled in beautifully. The staff are all very kind and caring and make you feel comfortable leaving your child with them instantly.

The activities the children do are always fun and engaging – I want to join in too!

I would highly recommend Doodle Do to all of my friends”


“The toddler room looks incredible. You can see it has been thoroughly thought through. The learning and development environment is fabulous!”

“Doodle Do is a very welcoming and happy place which both my children attended over the years since it first opened.

The facilities are well thought out, clean and nurturing to the children. Each week there are different themes and activities to engage the children and optimise their development and social skills. Children are encouraged positively and I felt each of my children were offered tailored care and support which suited both their needs.

After all these years and investment in our children’s childcare requirements, we are delighted we chose Doodle Do. It was a special place for us all and helped shape our kids and prepare them for school and beyond with the foundations and support offered.”

Marianne R - 'Doodle Do Mum' Feb 2013 to Oct 2018

“We were extremely impressed with Doodle Do Day Nursery when we visited it nearly 4 years ago, with a view to sending our daughter.  Our daughter has been extremely happy there and is now in the pre-school room.  She has been followed by her younger sister who also loves it.

Both have grown to be confident, bright children and a lot of this is a result of the care they receive at Doodle Dos.  The staff are warm and caring and strike up great relationships with the children. They are always looking at innovative new ways to engage and teach new skills.  The office staff are always happy to help with any query you have.

We couldn’t be happier with the decision we made 4 years ago.”

Alison Quick

“Our son has been at Doodle Do for almost three years. When looking for a nursery our priority was to find a place where he would be nurtured, somewhere he would feel safe and secure to play, learn and grow. Doodle Do have provided that. Whenever there have been challenges with our son such as moving rooms or dropping naps the staff at Doodle Do have met them with kindness, patience and have always developed a child-centric solution.”


“My daughter has been attending Doodle Do since she was 9 months old and she is now in the pre-school room.  She has loved it at Doodle Do and has built amazing relationships with all her key workers.  The staff are always attentive and there to listen and help whenever needed,  I could not have asked for anything more for the early years development of my child.  We will be so sad to be leaving Doodle Do in the summer but without the help of the staff Lucie would not be the confident little girl she is who is ready for big school!  Thank you to all at Doodle Do.”

Lucy A's Mum

“A great nursery for my grandson, I remember his first day and how nervous he was, when he came home he was so happy and all that fear had gone. Thanks to the ladies for always reassuring him and making him feel at ease, he’s now such a confident boy and a very happy one too!

The girls are always so caring and treat the children like their own. Thank you.”

Mark Bishop

“This is a fantastic nursery for my son.  He enjoys coming in and playing with his friends, he has a great connection with his key worker and I feel he’s come a long way since he started. I’m overwhelmed by the help from the staff and their passion for the children!
Thanks so much ladies for your help.”

Gary Pearce

“As a parent at Doodle Do Day Nursery, I feel my son can achieve high thanks to all the lovely ladies at the nursery. They make sure they attend to each individual child’s needs and they have done this for my son. They have been patient and kind and my son feel comfortable to express himself in the nursery setting.

The room itself is amazing and has changed so much to help his development, I feel my son has progressed so much in the short amount of time he has been here, and I look forward to seeing where he will be in the next few months thanks to all the staff at Doodle Do’s.

I would like to thank the nursery for taking care of my son like he was their own, and I appreciate everything they have done and are doing to help my son progress and be the best he can be.”

Shelby (Freddie’s mum)

“Doodle Do is a wonderfully nurturing setting with committed and supportive staff.  Their child-centred approach has helped our son grow from a shy and cautious toddler into a happy and confident boy.”